Foodie ships passing in the night...

This is just one reason I love my coworkers.

Micah: Hey Stephanie--what do you think about a trip to the curry truck tomorrow?
Stephanie: oh dear, I have a lunch tomorrow!
Micah: Ray & I are doing the curry truck tomorrow b/c he wants to go before his paternity leave starts. So I can do recon. :)
Stephanie: okay 
Stephanie: I'd be up for, say, a regular taco truck trip on Friday =D
Micah: I'd love tacos on Friday, but I'm out for a half day. You'll have to have one for me 
Stephanie: oh bummer 
Micah: foodie ships passing in the night...
Stephanie: LOL.
Stephanie: I just had an image of big Spanish galleons
Stephanie: laden with foods
Micah: haha!
Stephanie: passing each other in the darkness
Stephanie: moonlight and everything
Micah: I'm picturing a lot of meat & pastries

Wtf are these things I saw at Target?

No, seriously, what are they?  We already established that some pretty comical things can be found at Target.  But I saw these on the seasonal shelf and had to snap a picture because they are so bizarre.

I can only assume they are Valentine's Day related decorative crap, but like - are they plants?  Lollipops?  They come in small pots, look sort of like rosebushes covered in fake gummy heart-shaped candy.  The weirdest part was the clear-ish frost covering the hearts that made them look like something you find out in the deep-sea ocean.  What will they think of next?

Dear coworker: please don't use antiquated American idioms like "soup to nuts" in a meeting.

Especially when more than half the people in the room are international in some way:

  • One Scotsman by way of Malaysia
  • One Albanian from Kosovo
  • Two Russians
  • ...and a second-generation ABC like me.
Seriously dude.  Just say "end-to-end."

FYI, the phrase "soup to nuts" is fully explained on Wikipedia.  I don't think I'd ever heard the phrase explained before and I'm really glad I asked.

Random thought for a Monday afternoon: What do cheer captains think of Taylor Swift?

Seriously, she does a great job slandering them in "You Belong With Me" and some of her other songs.  Apparently cheer captains wear high heels, short skirts, and have no sense of humor. (I can only see one truly negative thing in that list of character traits.)  

But I have a hard time believing that Taylor Swift was ever the awkward kind of girl sitting on the bleachers in a band uniform and headgear.  Everything about her reads "blonde bombshell," so maybe the cheer captains can identify with her after all.

Interesting, non?

She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers

She wears high heels, I wear sneakers
She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers

Mmm yeah, I don't think this girl is exactly suffering from "ugly duckling" syndrome:

Bedside caddy, or kit for lonely college students?

We were wandering through Target when I stopped at the section for college students and asked Garry, "what would I need a bedside caddy for?"

We looked a little closer and saw that they had offered a very helpful diagram of what to store in such a caddy:

- remote control (for fast-forwarding through pesky plotlines and rewinding the juicy parts)
- hand lotion O.o
- tissues for cleaning up afterwards, natch!

Thanks Target, for showing kindness to lonely college students everywhere.