Foodie ships passing in the night...

This is just one reason I love my coworkers.

Micah: Hey Stephanie--what do you think about a trip to the curry truck tomorrow?
Stephanie: oh dear, I have a lunch tomorrow!
Micah: Ray & I are doing the curry truck tomorrow b/c he wants to go before his paternity leave starts. So I can do recon. :)
Stephanie: okay 
Stephanie: I'd be up for, say, a regular taco truck trip on Friday =D
Micah: I'd love tacos on Friday, but I'm out for a half day. You'll have to have one for me 
Stephanie: oh bummer 
Micah: foodie ships passing in the night...
Stephanie: LOL.
Stephanie: I just had an image of big Spanish galleons
Stephanie: laden with foods
Micah: haha!
Stephanie: passing each other in the darkness
Stephanie: moonlight and everything
Micah: I'm picturing a lot of meat & pastries