Random thought

Why are all the young-people TV shows out there about either unrealistically precocious high schoolers, or completely realistically immature 20- and 30-somethings?

Why aren't there any shows about people in college, where I'd say... people actually behave more like human beings than anywhere else?

Yes, when i'm obsessed with something, i'm really obsessed!  All I can think about right now is... i can't wait for this day to end so I can go home and watch another 6 eposides of Gossip Girl. =P

Give me a break

Why can't kids these days have nice, normal names?  Traditional names?  I couldn't really believe it when I saw the credits for Gossip Girl, which Garry has gotten me hooked on.  Some of the ridiculous first names these actors have:

Leighton (a girl)
Blake (a girl)
Penn (a guy)
Taylor (a girl)
Chace (a guy)

I mean for real...Chace?  With a C?  How pretentious do you have to be?

When (if) I have kids, I'm giving them sensible, Biblical names.  Like Mary, Rachel, Jonathan, David.  For real, people.

Nutmeg remembers me.

I went over to Garry's old apt for the first time in more than four months.  I was afraid the cat, Nutmeg, an adorable stray kitty that his roommate adopted, would not remember me.  She has hazel eyes, a mishmash of gray and sand in her coat, and she's one of my favorite animal creatures in the world.

But I let her sniff my fingers, and in a minute she was rubbing her furry head into my hand.  Dear cat!

Friday Afternoon at the Dentist

After years and years of no cavities, my dentist found one lurking in my backmost upper molar that was the size of the Grand Canyon.  The novocaine ensured I didn't feel anything, but it was still really unnerving to hear the drill winding its way into my tooth, and then seeing the pictures after.  This is the first dentist I've ever been to who gives you these hugely magnified video tours of your own mouth. 

I found it fascinating, and I wonder why every dentist doesn't do this.

As bad as it looks ("Doctor, that's like 60% of my tooth gone!"), he reassured me it was a relatively minor filling.  I shudder to think what other peoples' fillings look like, and I know this will definitely get me to floss more regularly.

That was fishy.

Someone my roommate didn't recognize just knocked on our door while I was in my room.  He was a short, middle-eastern looking guy with dark curly hair, she said--does not fit the description of any of our neighbors.  He said the lights were on my car and that someone should go check it out.

How did he know the car belongs to me?

How did he know which apartment door to knock on?

It's very dark outside.  I just peeked out the window because I can see my car from there.  There's no light on.

Sounds extremely fishy. No way I'm going outside tonight!  And I'll be carrying a can of mace before I get in the car tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: Ok so, my car did have a light on.  But that still doesn't explain who the guy was, or how he knew it was my car.  I guess it's possible it was one of our neighbors, but still.  Guess you can never be too careful.