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LOL I hate IT buzzwords. They make me sick to my stomach.
I don't think it's an IT buzzword... it must be a business buzzwords.  Down with buzzwords!
Probably has more to do with one's age than one's nationality. "End to end" is pretty "buzz-wordy". I persoanlly like the older idioms, they keep our heritage alive. But then again, I may be one of 'em!!!
Soup to nuts is not really any kind of buzzword, just an old American expression, something my southern mother would say. My 2d generation ABC gf absolutely hates all my cute little southern phrases/idioms because they never make any practical sense to her.
Ease up dude. That's an old and very flavorful idiom. It's stuff like that that makes the language more fun. It refers to a meal that is complete, ie it starts with soup, goes through all the courses, and ends up with some nuts.
Thanks for clearing that one up for me [I've mislaid my Dictionary of American Slang] thank god for the internet!
@Maddy amen, sister.
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