Skipping Foodie Tuesday but giving you: Egg-white Quiche

I had almost 1 dozen egg whites to use up after I used the yolks in my eggnog.  The other day I was at Costco and saw egg white quiches and knew that's exactly what I wanted to make, esp. since I had an extra pastry shell in the freezer. 

I was very vigilant about the pastry shell this time--I pulled it out halfway through baking to poke out the air bubbles forming.  I sauteed broccoli, onions, and mushrooms before adding them to the bottom of the pastry shell.  Sprinkled goat cheese, then laid out 6 slices of canadian bacon on top, and then poured in my egg/milk mixture.  Next time I would use more egg and less milk, again.  Topped with the rest of the goat cheese and a bit of mozarella.  Turned out a beautiful golden brown!

Weekend Pt. 2: Chinatown

We (or at least I) just had to get outside because it was so nice.  Wandered around Chinatown--it was quite depressing to see so many storefronts closing up shop b/c of the economic downturn.  But the Wok Shop was alive and kicking (it opened 35 years ago!) as was this colorful Chinatown kite shop.

We found, quite by accident, this hole-in-the-wall claypot place on Grant St. that got rave reviews on Yelp.  The seafood claypot hit the spot, as did perfectly stir-fried mustard greens.

Weekend Pt. 1: La Provence

Tried this cute, cozy little French cafe with Mark, Sanny, Diego and Victoria.  My filet mignon of pork was delicious (chewy!) and Garry's chicken with truffle jus was solid.  I tried a morsel of Sanny's rabbit confit ravioli with fava beans which was inventive and very tasty.  The dessert of molten chocolate cake was only okay--the owner was a character.

Just what I needed on a Friday evening.

It's been a hecka long week and I am so beat.  Luckily my childhood friend was available to grab In-n-Out with me.  I knew exactly what I wanted: 2x1 (two meats, one cheese) with extra lettuce/tomato, raw onion.  Plus fries and a Coke.

Jimbo also knew exactly what he wanted: Double-Double protein style (no buns), fries well done (so they are crisper like MacDonald's fries), and a vanilla shake for dipping the fries into.  Sounds weird?  Trust me, it's delicious, a little bit like a hot glazed donut.

I ran into like three people I know--two from work and one good ole college friend.  I guess In-n-Out is the place to be on a bumpin' Friday night.

Happy Friday all!


The cafeteria here has cream of wheat every morning, and this week they have also had Mexican hot chocolate.  I discovered, quite by accident, that mixing the two (maybe in a 3:1 ratio) results in a wonderfully chocolatey, creamy mixture, especially yummy with toasted sliced almonds, a dash of brown sugar, and raisins.