Weekend Pt. 1: La Provence

Tried this cute, cozy little French cafe with Mark, Sanny, Diego and Victoria.  My filet mignon of pork was delicious (chewy!) and Garry's chicken with truffle jus was solid.  I tried a morsel of Sanny's rabbit confit ravioli with fava beans which was inventive and very tasty.  The dessert of molten chocolate cake was only okay--the owner was a character.

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I'm thinking I'll ask about riding with him sometime ... if/when I go back.
hey, i know sanny. she looks familiar. how do i know sanny?
Probably from Berkeley....
econ grad student? maybe through ethan then...
Yeah totally, that's probably how.
Hey Wendy! Yeah I totally know you through Ethan. Whoa small world! How are you?
Hahaha Wendy and I were roommates in college.  Now Sanny is dating Mark, Garry's old roommate hahahaha.
oh, wow! that's such a funny connection!