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Looks like he's got it! From my recent cooking experience...getting it right the first time does not mean that I'd get it right the second...third...or fourth time. I often follow the recipe the first time and then try to memorize after that, I'd often skip a step or two; even a simple stir fry is not as easy as it seems. I made chicken chow mein last night again, for the 3rd time, and I still couldn't get the timing right. I had the vegetables cooked before noodles were cooked in another pot; therefore, I had to turn the heat off and waited for an extra min before I could add the noodles. At the end, I forgot to squeeze some lemon juice...another step skipped. Because of the all these experiences, I can put myself in your brother's shoes. GOOD FOR HIM!
Dude that looks good. The first time I made fried rice was actually on ACCIDENT! The rice was too watery and I decided throw it in the fry pan to heat it up more. I ended up adding eggs and soy sauce and a bunch of other stuff. By the end I realized I had made fried rice! I can't deny my Chinese side.
4 years in Korea , two years stationed in Japan and that's the best fried rice I've seen!