4pm luncheon for one.

Made this souped-up chicken stew last night.  Mirepoix, corn, broccoli, potatoes, wild rice, pasta stars, white and dark chicken, and TJ's low sodium chicken broth.

Would be very healthy indeed, if I had not added an over-easy egg and half an avocado for good measure.

Too bad I burned my tongue on it.  Now it's game over for the rest of the day  -_______-.

Extreme brownie-vision.

I fell in love yesterday, that is, in a totally platonic way.  After taking my cousin for a nice hike to Rancho San Antonio (photos are on my phone, but I can't figure out how to e-mail them to myself), went up to Oakland to join Tony and his friends for a fourth of July BBQ.  He had expounded on his roommate's incredible baking prowess.  I had to taste it for myself.  The bread, a rustic, crusty french loaf, was among the best I've ever had (probably as good as La Brea Bakery's thicker loaf). 

But, the brownies!  I had long decided that brownies from scratch were overrated, and Duncan Hines brownie mix was as good, if not better, than anything else.  Oh, was I wrong.  This guy must have used magical chocolate or something--it was not too sugary, but the flavor was so intense, it washed over you in layers, rising up through your sinuses and filtering all through your brain.  Extraordinary.  Anyway, I got a few to-go, but what I really want is the recipe =)