Nutritious soup for a sick boy.

Garry was sick all weekend.  It gave me a great excuse to make chicken and dumpling soup.  With mirepoix, potatoes, and mixed frozen veggies.  Hearty and delish!

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nice! garry is a lucky man. he probably wants to stay sick longer now, so you can cook him more often haha.
I'm feeling a little under the weather myself :cough cough: I have my bowl and spoon at the ready :-D
Nothing like chicken soup to make you feel better! That one looks like it has a nice hearty broth to it.
dude, how do you have time to cook so much? i basically starved all day yesterday because i was too lazy even to go outside and get take-out.

hope garry is feeling better!

It is a very effective way to procrastinate on essay-writing! =D
Garry is lucky!
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