Just what I needed on a Friday evening.

It's been a hecka long week and I am so beat.  Luckily my childhood friend was available to grab In-n-Out with me.  I knew exactly what I wanted: 2x1 (two meats, one cheese) with extra lettuce/tomato, raw onion.  Plus fries and a Coke.

Jimbo also knew exactly what he wanted: Double-Double protein style (no buns), fries well done (so they are crisper like MacDonald's fries), and a vanilla shake for dipping the fries into.  Sounds weird?  Trust me, it's delicious, a little bit like a hot glazed donut.

I ran into like three people I know--two from work and one good ole college friend.  I guess In-n-Out is the place to be on a bumpin' Friday night.

Happy Friday all!

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dang it, that looks so good!
mmmmm, in-n-out. I like my fries well done.
:o... that sandwich is like,huge!
haha... it's the extra lettuce and tomato that I requested =)
something about a burger joint just draws people together on the weekend. we went a burger place on friday night too and it hit the spot!
Oh no wounder x]]
I thought it might of been a place known for its huge burgers or sumthin :D
wow. i'm honored to be a 'good ole college friend'.

ps -- in and out makes perfect pre-climbing fuel. (http://vccv.posterous.com/tuolumne-alpine-trifecta-tenay)

I remember when Garry and I were in high school and we would be doing homework at his house, his dad would buy 10 double doubles for dinner.