Weekend Pt. 2: Chinatown

We (or at least I) just had to get outside because it was so nice.  Wandered around Chinatown--it was quite depressing to see so many storefronts closing up shop b/c of the economic downturn.  But the Wok Shop was alive and kicking (it opened 35 years ago!) as was this colorful Chinatown kite shop.

We found, quite by accident, this hole-in-the-wall claypot place on Grant St. that got rave reviews on Yelp.  The seafood claypot hit the spot, as did perfectly stir-fried mustard greens.

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is the claypot place on grant street up on the 2nd floor? was there a lady handing out flyers? we used to go there quite a bit. perfect for a cold sf evening.
i am reading the buddha cookies recipe very carefully...i think i can try to make it even though the last couple lines are blurry hehe
@Patrick Yes that is exactly where we went!  hahaha who'da thunk it'd turn out good.
@Reggie I think you need a moon cake mold !

i love that kite shop! so colorful and so many things to look at. :)
mmmm.. mustard greens.. my parents usually put it in a soup of pork bone stock, hotpot leftovers, mushrooms and korean rice cake. makes me want a bowl right now.
I'm trying to decide whether to get the wok from the wok shop (probably way marked up, tourist stupidity tax) or just get the $50 Lodge cast iron wok.
cast iron always...if you don't mind seasoning the cast iron once every two weeks. cast iron gives you great results because of its sturdiness.
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