Interesting short film

I normally ignore stuff that my parents forward me because they are usually hoax-type warnings and powerpoint files of inspirational bible verses paired with nature scenes and cheesy music.

But, this was just a link to a YouTube video, and so my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked.  The film is just a tad heavyhanded, but rings rather true.  Happy father's day!

Why is this site so funny!?

My friend Kate featured My Life is Average on her status message.  I went to read the stories and couldn't stop laughing.

I understand why average stories are so much better than "my life is great" stories.  Who wants to hear about how great someone's life is unless you happen to care about that person?

But I'm not sure why average stories are so much funnier than "my life sucks" stories. That doesn't make much sense to me, but there it is.

10 (or 15) Things Google Says I Need

Seems like an old trick cuz I saw a lot of these lists as I went through the exercise.  Go to Google.  Type your first name, and the word "needs."  Put the query in quotes for best results.  List the top 10 (...or 15, like I did).

1. Stephanie needs some help
2. Stephanie needs to be in a family where there are no other children or animals
3. Stephanie needs a strong manly shoulder to lean on (preferably an alpha one)
4. Stephanie needs a behavior modification approach to deal with some residual effects and strong-willedness.
5. Stephanie needs rhinoplasty surgery
6. Stephanie needs to get the women together in an alliance
7. Stephanie needs to get a life
8. Stephanie needs you BAD
9. Stephanie needs a date for Valentine's Day!
10. Stephanie needs a family who can help her strive to participate in structured recreational and social activities
11. Stephanie needs a straw for her tea
12. Stephanie needs to improve but where's Alick?
13. Stephanie needs a sound proofed home to protect her
14. Stephanie needs to pay attention
15. Stephanie needs a training bra

via Reckon

Meet: This guy draws girls.

Well, not just girls -- he does monsters, superheroes, and other characters too.  But I think pretty girls is what he likes drawing best (I mean, his website is

I randomly found him on YouTube while searching for old episodes of Smallville.  It is astounding what he can do with a digital painting program, more than what most people can do with traditional pencil and paper!  Check out this awesome A to Z video of him drawing Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li:

And a bunch of his other work including drawings of Natalie Portman and Iron Man (click for more amazing video demos):

@Google Talks

Something of which I could not take much advantage once I moved to a different building were the @Google Talks held almost every day on the Google campus.  This is truly one of the best perks the company offers--exposure to great thinkers, experts, and all-around amazing people you would normally have to be attending a university to maybe, perhaps, if you're lucky, get to see.

I'm not sharing this to rub it in your faces--I was sad about leaving the company if it meant I wouldn't be able to see these talks anymore.  BUT, to my delight, I discovered that most @Google Talks are posted, in their entirety, right on YouTube.  You can find the full listing of talks here.

Some of the most amazing people I saw in person were: