Interesting short film

I normally ignore stuff that my parents forward me because they are usually hoax-type warnings and powerpoint files of inspirational bible verses paired with nature scenes and cheesy music.

But, this was just a link to a YouTube video, and so my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked.  The film is just a tad heavyhanded, but rings rather true.  Happy father's day!

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Very nice. Makes one stop and think about the short time we have together and how we share that time. In the end -- all we ever had was time, and that time should be the main focus of our lives!
steph, i totally hear you on the "powerpoint files of bible verse paired with nature scenes and cheesy music"---i too get a lot of those from my parents! hahahaa.
WOW beautiful, thanks for sharing.
Please also see my "fathers day" Movie that I just made. I think it shows the truth if your movie here.


Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to start a journal for the things that I do with my son.
Thanks for sharing this tear jerker.
On second thoughts, what that old man wants? Self pity?
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