The buns - they're back!

At least one of them is.   My apartment complex used to have all these domestic-looking bunnies (the kind people normally keep as pets) flopping around wild.  About a year or more ago, they disappeared and I haven't seen one until this past week.

Here's a little grey guy paying me little heed as he nibbles on some early spring greens.  He's a new one - the others were white with black splotches.

Meet: Creatures by Hand

I've been wanting to post this since I saw it linked off a coworker's FB profile.

Meet Angela Y. Lee, a creator of creatures!  That is, she's a rather imaginative person in Peoria, IL who makes huggable, lovable, customized plush toys by hand.  I was quite taken by the sunny disposition of her website, its inhabitants, and the adorable little stories bursting out of every seam.  A few things you should know about her operation:

  • She never makes duplicates, so no two creatures are alike!
  • She customizes it with your favorite colors, animals, ideas, and dreams.
  • Her day trade: graphic designer.
  • Her creatures are not cheap, but isn't buying handmade worth it!?

From her website: "I was living by myself in a dark, bug-infested, sublevel apartment with no furniture. I guess making soft little creatures comforted me while I was transitioning into this new city."  I actually asked her blessing to post about her creatures.  Her response: "Sure you can include my creatures on your blog, they would like that :)"  

How can one not smile? Order here!

Say hello to Cappuccino

One of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.  He belonged to my cousin's grandma (on the other side), but when the grandma died, my cousin's family adopted him.  He's a purebred Himalayan.  I love his fluffiness, his burnt tips and gorgeous blue eyes.