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That is great. Love the Nom Nom Records addition.
OMG. THERE IS A CREME BRULEE CART?!?! Why have I never heard of this?! This is pretty funny...
There's a whole subculture of high-end food carts!  What I really want to find is the tamale lady!
hahaha! i hear the tamale lady hangs out by the 22nd street caltrain station. at least as of like, 3-4 years ago. hahahaha. also, i am so bummed but i missed my chance to go to the KOREAN TACO truck in LA when I was there last month! my friend was going to take me but we ate this giant meal at a korean restaurant instead (which was freakin' delicious) and just did not have room to add a korean taco on top of it. next time, though, next time!!! have you heard of the korean taco truck??
Girlfriend, I am following Kogi BBQ, the korean taco truck, on twitter!! http://twitter.com/kogiBBQ
korean taco truck its???
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