You know you want it: OMG tee for ten bucks at dELiAs*cOm

My inner pre-teen is giggling uncontrollably right now. I first blogged about this T-shirt on Wearability, along with a bunch of other hilarious, clever, and refreshingly optimistic tees from the same site.  And now, it's alllll miiiiiiiine!  Just a tiny bit ironic since I can't send or receive texts on my phone.

I also got my eyes on the one that goes "It is what it is," but it hasn't gone on sale yet =)

I'm sure Posterous users are all in the 8% of people who know what a browser is...

I know that ignorance is actually great for online business (especially in my specialty, internet marketing...because it means more people will click on ads thinking they are search results).  

But for some reason this video depresses me to no end.  Maybe because at the end of the day, an ignorant public is actually terrible for everyone.  For me it really hits home just how uninformed the general public is and how much harder it is to get people to respond to your products in the way you intended.

Why is this site so funny!?

My friend Kate featured My Life is Average on her status message.  I went to read the stories and couldn't stop laughing.

I understand why average stories are so much better than "my life is great" stories.  Who wants to hear about how great someone's life is unless you happen to care about that person?

But I'm not sure why average stories are so much funnier than "my life sucks" stories. That doesn't make much sense to me, but there it is.

For people who are cold all the time...

My coworker, who is perpetually cold and always has a little space heater under her desk and a blanket wrapped around her legs wants just one thing this Christmas: THE SLANKET.  It is a specially designed blanket with SLEEVES.  You know how when you're hunched over a desk and swaddled up in a warm blanket, the biggest problem is that your arms are either stuck in the blanket and you can't do anything, or they are out, and you are cold from the chest up?  The ingenious design of THE SLANKET solves these problems effortlessly!  It's like a giant robe, I guess.  Sure they look stoopid, but I'm sure they are warm, and they have like a 98% satisfaction rating from their customers.

I just think SLANKET is hecka fun to say =D

Note to all: Sorry I put the wrong link down for the slanket . I have fixed it now, so you can click through to the site if you're interested!

Note to Garry: Please do NOT get me one of these for Christmas.  There are plenty of things I'd rather have =D

Not cute enough for the CCP!

CNN broke the news today: adorable 9-year-old Lin Miaoke, who captivated millions at the opening ceremonies Friday night, was lip-syncing to the voice of 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, who was deemed "not cute enough" by Politburo members during rehearsals and yanked from the program at the last minute.

What I want to know is, how did they find a "cute enough" girl so fast?  And why couldn't they have found someone who was both cute AND talented?

Looking at the diptych I just made of the two girls side by side, I can't really see why the first girl is cuter than the other, except she has longer hair, she's in pigtails, and she's smiling.  Oh, and she has slightly better teeth (but in kids, bad teeth can be cute).  Who knows.