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That was so sad! The younger generation don't appreciate senior any more...
I feel somewhat guilty. Nonetheless, a good pic. The girl hates what? poverty, old age? Or is it reflection of what is happening at her home (house)?
I wonder if the girl even knows what "the finger" means...
I hope you are right.
I don't know what to say ...
As the father of three daughters, two of whom would do this in a heartbeat, this should not make me laugh. But it did. I am a bad person.
@Brad now I wanna know which one would not do it.  adalia?
Haha.  Adalia would so do it, probably copying Nina who would be trying to be funny.  Aviva would make her a soup and give her hugs.
Okay, sad to say, but I laughed. Humankind is funny that way. Seeing humor in the most sad things! LOL! *sigh*
@missnikki so true.  comedy is born out of tragedy.  comics are the most depressive, misanthropic people I know.
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