It's Plug-a-Posterous!

I don't know this guy personally, but I just chanced across his posterous yesterday and I think I've found an undiscovered gem.  Prolific he is, updating several times a day, mostly the kind of stuff that used to get forwarded (and still is sometimes, by our parents), but oddly hilarious.  I laughed out loud several times.  I especially enjoyed the lesson on dealing with naughty children, the meditation on math, and the lesson on how not to take pictures.

Doesn't look like he's getting much traffic yet.  Check out Rajendra's Posterous here.

How to guarantee a woman will NEVER call you back.

This is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard.  So a friend of a coworker was hanging in SF's Marina district one night.   She was out on the sidewalk trying to hail a cab, when a guy approached and talked to her for all of  two minutes.  She hands him her business card and says "Call me."  These are two ACTUAL voicemails that this guy left on her phone. 

What kills me is that there are real guys out there like this--he's definitely not an actor.  I know I have my favorite quotes--what are yours?

From BBC News: Mud-phobic pig wallows in wellies!

A piglet scared of wallowing in mud has overcome its fears with the help of some Wellington boots.

Six-week-old Cinders appears to suffer from mysophobia, a fear of dirt, after refusing to join her siblings as they splashed around in the mud.

Owner Andrew Keeble from Thirsk, North Yorks, said his daughter Ellie, 12, suggested kitting her out in the tiny footwear which had been on a key ring.

"Lo and behold they fitted her like a glove," Mr Keeble said.

"She's scared of mud, but her brothers and sisters are quite happy in it.

"We've never come across this before. They are born really to go and explore, but she never really liked going in the mud."

Mr Keeble and wife Debbie, both 42, run a sausage company and keep about 200 pigs on their 1,000-acre farm.

But the father-of-four said there was no chance that Cinders would be slaughtered.

"She's more of a pet really now and she's going to live a very long and happy life," he said.

The young saddleback has been chosen by the couple as a mascot for their campaign to raise money for the Farm Crisis Network, which supports struggling farmers.