Friday Afternoon at the Dentist

After years and years of no cavities, my dentist found one lurking in my backmost upper molar that was the size of the Grand Canyon.  The novocaine ensured I didn't feel anything, but it was still really unnerving to hear the drill winding its way into my tooth, and then seeing the pictures after.  This is the first dentist I've ever been to who gives you these hugely magnified video tours of your own mouth. 

I found it fascinating, and I wonder why every dentist doesn't do this.

As bad as it looks ("Doctor, that's like 60% of my tooth gone!"), he reassured me it was a relatively minor filling.  I shudder to think what other peoples' fillings look like, and I know this will definitely get me to floss more regularly.

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Wow, super gross. Total 511. ;-)

Did he give you the JPG files on a USB flash drive or something? LOL

I'm e-mailing it straight from his computer.  I had to help him figure out how to export the files to jpg format, from the program that does the video capture, and then e-mail it.

yah. 511 ^ 511
Wow... I kinda wish your dentist didn't do that.
Why didn't you use tooth-coloured resin?
I think because of the size/shape of the cavity.  I distinctly recall my dentist saying no way was he going to use anything but silver.  Besides, it's on a back molar so no one will see it.

I totally agree with Stephanie Lim as long as it's not that visible it's a good one.

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All I can say is that you have a brilliant dentist. It's great that your dentist has a video to show you what happened and what was done in your mouth during the procedure. Your dentist provides great and quality service, something that dentists should share in their profession.