Lightning crashes in Chicago

FINALLY.  I've been trying to upload this stupid video onto YouTube for like two days.

Just in case you didn't believe me about the lightning, this is a small snippet of what it was like for at least 2-3 hours straight on Monday night.  Video taken from my hotel room on the 19th storey.  All I wonder is how crazy it would have been to see this from the Signature Lounge instead.

And, those sounds are not giant dumpsters being rolled around, it really was grand crashes of thunder.  The first half of the vid is more exciting--you don't need to watch the whole thing.

PS. Don't make fun of my dorky exclamations >_< .  Lightning is not something we get a lot of here in California.  So lay off!

It's time for more Nineties goodness.

While I'm waiting for my video capture of tonight's lightning storm to load onto YouTube, I'll go ahead and release the next bit of early-nineties hip hop/R&B.

Last week when I was trolling around YouTube I came across sooooo many great old videos from 1989 - 1993.  It was so hard to narrow it down to just two links for this week, but I guess that means this series can continue on for a long long time.  Anyway, here's what I came up with for this week:

PM Dawn, "I'd Die Without You" 1992
On the Boomerang soundtrack.  I've "always been a big PM Dawn fan," but this one takes the cake.  So smooth.

Mista Grimm feat. Warren G, "Indo Smoke," 1993
Not a lot of people remember this totally underrated track featuring the "G Child" long before he broke out with "Regulator."  I guess he was eclipsed by the force that was Dr. Dre.  But still makes me want to go cruisin' in my ride, rollin' w/ my homies, getting high on... um, pinkberry ice cream.  It's just so amazing how someone can really make a whole song around the love of one drug.

Walking around Chicago.

Nothing too crazy today.  It was not as hot as predicted, but it did drizzle most of the day, and the evening saw thunderstorms with some pretty fantastic lightning shows.  Did some work in the morning, then brunch with an old high school friend and her baby at West Egg Cafe (got blueberry wheatgerm pancakes), then poked into Forever 21 and could not for the life of me decide on a color for this one dress, and so bought both.  Did more work in the afternoon, then had dinner in Wicker Park at a place called Jerry's, known for its oddball sandwiches.  I got the Tim R, smoked turkey, prosciutto, grilled onions, smoked gouda and asparagus on pretzel bread, with a side of mac n cheese and Thai cuke salad.  Yummy.