Signature Lounge @ the John Hancock Tower.

A Chicago must-see.  Get it?  Signature? John Hancock?  It's ok, we didn't get it either until just before we left.  Dang, your ears pop like crazy when you're shooting up an elevator to the 95th floor.  The girls also enjoyed the view from the bathroom.

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I got it! ...After about 30 seconds of "what?"
wow, that's an amazing view. is there perchance a terrace?
Thats a very beautiful view. Thanks for the photos. Looks like you had a great time.
Stephanie, if you get the time stop at the Wiener's Circle. It in Lincoln Park on 2622 N Clark Street (between Drummond Pl & Wrightwood Ave). Its a landmark.

heres a little preview

Duuuude my friend lives like right down the street from that place.  I passed by it during the day and had no clue about its sordid background.  It was just some hole in the wall, but I recognized it by the red benches outside and the sign about the cheddarburger.

That video made me a little ill.

You know, I never even thought about the name before...and I lived in the city for five years. That might just be something I shouldn't admit, eh?

And gotta love Wiener's Circle! :)

very nice place...