Exploring the Hotel

So beautiful.  I'm so glad I picked this one--great price but really classy.  Unlike the uber-"hip" W hotel with its annoying house music.

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wow! beautiful place
First pic def. reminds me of Nolan's Batman.
If I'll ever go visit Chicago (and there's a good chance I will, even if it's in the opposite side of the world) I'll definitely stay at the Intercontinental. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

(p.s. provided that the U.S. Dollar stays weak, that is) :P

Thats an awesome hotel.
do you know what the building under construction is? I saw a program a couple of years ago about a developer wanting to build the worlds tallest building (at the time) in Chicago. Just wondering if that might be it if you know.
I think that building is going to be the new trump tower, which will be the tallest building in Chicago, but hardly the tallest building in the world.  I think that title will be going to a building in Dubai.
Hey.. wait a minute.. House music is good! :)
Ok. I forgot Trump was building a Chicago tower. That must be the one I saw in a CNN or whatever show a few years ago. Yea Dubai will always trump any country with the tallest in the for foreseeable future unless they hit a economic meltdown. I saw the construction of the Dubai one on a tv show. One of the princes said that 2 floors are built every week. It was 225+ and would give the exact floors and height so that another developer wont build a taller one before its complete.
Chicago is a great town.
It sure is.

Btw, the first picture looks freaky because I caught the sky in mid-lightning flash.  And mark, they filmed a lot of the batman movie in chicago.

; ) I know -- just cool to be reminded of it from the photos.

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