I need to unwind.

I've been so stressed out the past few days.  So much going on at work, and totally behind on studying.  Ugh.  I feel a pressing need to do something...run, swim, bike...I think I'm developing an ulcer, or at least a tight little knot in my tummy that won't go away.

Hopefully I can chill out a little over some good Afghani food tonight!

Home sweet California

One thing I love about California is how state law dictates that toilet seat protectors be available in every public restroom.  In other states, this seems to be a luxury reserved for the airports and a small handful of high-end hotels/restaurants. 

I don't know how you ladies (and guys?) in the rest of the country manage.  Do you lay down a bunch of toilet paper to sit on?  Do you just sort of hover over the seat and risk splashing/dribbling?  Do you (and yes, I've heard people admit to this) climb up onto the seat and squat on it, as if it were a squatty toilet in Asia?

This inquiring mind wants to know.

Dude, where do all these hicks come from?

Sorry, I don't really mean "hick" in a derogatory way.  But I was driving home from work and found the road totally congested with row upon row of gigantic SUVs/trucks, full of corn-fed looking dudes sporting cowboy hats.  And dudettes--I even saw one girl with leopard-print (or maybe cow-print) fur covering her seats and steering wheel.

I couldn't bear wondering anymore, so I just looked up who was playing at the amphitheatre today, and it was Toby Keith.  Makes sense.

But seriously, I thought we were in Silicon Valley.  Where do these people come from?  Sacramento?  Modesto?

Like a complete moron.

I was rounding another car in the parking lot today and stubbed my toe on the little cement stopper thing.

Yes, the same toenail I cracked open on Friday.

Yes, it bled again.  And hurt, a lot.

Yes, I think I'm okay, after immediately applying rank Chinese medicine, a band-aid, and ice.

No, I won't gross you guys out with another picture.

I think I should maybe trim it, but I'm afraid it will hurt.