Judging a book by its profile pic.

Traffic to my posterous has slowed way the heck down since I changed my profile pic from friendly (asian) girl-next-door to a two-headed dog.  And here I was, thinking it was my brilliant mind that was so captivating.

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I couldn't even see what it was...

Yup, garry got me this little guy for christmas, and he's sitting on my coffeetable now.  From melabo.

oh, she has some  great stuff there...loved the «Squirrel Groom»

Take what man makes and use it, but do not worship it...For it shall pass.


my english is not good,have a nice day!

omg! I can get more views by changing profile pic to a hot girl! you're a genius!

@ben don't you get enough views just by being featured on the frontpage you greedy bastard! plus a hot girl named ben would be awfully peculiar dontchathink.

I earned, won, sold, cajoled, stole and otherwise worked for every one of these pageviews dammit.

Who am i kidding. It probably really was the fact that I was female.

I almost unsubscribed. ;)