Post-It Tribute to Megaman.

This has been up on the fourth floor of our office for a while.  Megaman, rendered entirely in Post-Its.  Isn't it so fabulously nerdy?

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Waah! What kind of ridiculously awesome place do you work in?

LOLs. It's the happiest place on earth. Besides Disneyland. Think long

and hard, and you're probably guessing right =)

Hmm... Nerdy co-workers with entirely criminal amounts of free time...

Oh, god, you work at Google, don't you? Damn you. I've actually spent

considerable time thinking of non-comp-sci-related ways of weaseling my way

into a job there. ;)

Trust me. I am not an engineer. They do hire liberal arts ilk like us!

Wait, really? What do you do?

yeah, too nerdy - not nearly as cool as our elevator graffiti :D

This gives me a great idea for a classroom project, thanks!

Absolutely brilliant. Shame I haven't the wall space to reproduce it here...

Very, Very Cool!
I loved that game.

I love this! and the color combos. long live Mega-Man!