It's Plug-a-Posterous!

I don't know this guy personally, but I just chanced across his posterous yesterday and I think I've found an undiscovered gem.  Prolific he is, updating several times a day, mostly the kind of stuff that used to get forwarded (and still is sometimes, by our parents), but oddly hilarious.  I laughed out loud several times.  I especially enjoyed the lesson on dealing with naughty children, the meditation on math, and the lesson on how not to take pictures.

Doesn't look like he's getting much traffic yet.  Check out Rajendra's Posterous here.
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word, grade A stuff - +1 subscriber

awww... thanks a lot Steph :)

we need like a directory of all blogs and some kinda rating system, you gota push Garry to work harder!

yeah he knows--in the meantime, i think you can just look at Garry's subscription list, a pretty comprehensive list of active blogs on posterous.