For people who are cold all the time...

My coworker, who is perpetually cold and always has a little space heater under her desk and a blanket wrapped around her legs wants just one thing this Christmas: THE SLANKET.  It is a specially designed blanket with SLEEVES.  You know how when you're hunched over a desk and swaddled up in a warm blanket, the biggest problem is that your arms are either stuck in the blanket and you can't do anything, or they are out, and you are cold from the chest up?  The ingenious design of THE SLANKET solves these problems effortlessly!  It's like a giant robe, I guess.  Sure they look stoopid, but I'm sure they are warm, and they have like a 98% satisfaction rating from their customers.

I just think SLANKET is hecka fun to say =D

Note to all: Sorry I put the wrong link down for the slanket . I have fixed it now, so you can click through to the site if you're interested!

Note to Garry: Please do NOT get me one of these for Christmas.  There are plenty of things I'd rather have =D

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I generate my own heat. Menopause + hot flashes = misery :-(
i'm so getting the red-wine slanket.
I want one of these, and I love the note to Garry..ha!
Maybe I'm thinking too old school, but whatever happened to the good old sweater? =)
I need to get one of these for Kate. Garry, maybe we can get a deal on two!
OMG forget a gift for you, I'm getting one for myself!! THIS IS AWESOME! ;-)
SLANKET.COM: Index of /

The website disappeared! NOOOOOO!!!

Weird, I got the same error message but my coworker just had no problem accessing their website.  Weird!
also known as a "backwards robe" :P
Hahaha... i think it is at least a little bigger than a robe, and more shapeless =P
Oh, when I saw them on infomercials in NY, they were called "snuggies". My favorite are the bright magician cape red ones.
thanks steph now a days the weather is cold:))
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