You know you want it: OMG tee for ten bucks at dELiAs*cOm

My inner pre-teen is giggling uncontrollably right now. I first blogged about this T-shirt on Wearability, along with a bunch of other hilarious, clever, and refreshingly optimistic tees from the same site.  And now, it's alllll miiiiiiiine!  Just a tiny bit ironic since I can't send or receive texts on my phone.

I also got my eyes on the one that goes "It is what it is," but it hasn't gone on sale yet =)

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hmmm couldn't really get that last line .
i mean i could see it and read it , ... just didn't get it. ironically
Just another way of saying 'farewell' in teenybopper-text speak =)  Especially when the speaker has requested something from the other person.
What a great t-shirt, where did you get it, I seek it for weeks alongside Buy Viagra
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