Not cute enough for the CCP!

CNN broke the news today: adorable 9-year-old Lin Miaoke, who captivated millions at the opening ceremonies Friday night, was lip-syncing to the voice of 7-year-old Yang Peiyi, who was deemed "not cute enough" by Politburo members during rehearsals and yanked from the program at the last minute.

What I want to know is, how did they find a "cute enough" girl so fast?  And why couldn't they have found someone who was both cute AND talented?

Looking at the diptych I just made of the two girls side by side, I can't really see why the first girl is cuter than the other, except she has longer hair, she's in pigtails, and she's smiling.  Oh, and she has slightly better teeth (but in kids, bad teeth can be cute).  Who knows.

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oh sadness
the "cuter" girl also has a thinner face, higher cheekbones, and a fairer complexion. i'd say both girls are cute, but the girl on the left is more "beautiful" in the East Asian beauty standard for adult women. good thing they are imposing adult beauty standards for little girls. they found her because she's already a pretty famous child model / actress. i think they also chose her because she has more stage experience and is more expressive.
So this is a lesson for all children. If you're not cute, you can forget about people liking you and going places. <eyeroll
Some where over the rainbow! It has happened before. At least she didn't have to wait years for the truth to come out! BUt cute and a talented 7 yeeer old hr o belive ot cute enough.
left is definitely cuter but that could be due to an extra 2 years of experience posing for the camera.
i posted this as well. how would you like to be the parents of the supposedly less cute child? can you believe this crap? where's the rage?
The rage is lost in the hopes that she be allowed to sing at the closing cermony she shoud be the last face we see of this ollympics. A real face of China sometimes lost but still real people real tears.
This made me sad, too. Could they have been any more superficial? It reminds me of C&C Music Factory - I think one of the female singers was not pretty enough or something, so they used someone else to play her role in the videos and stuff. Terrible.
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