Fearless Little Bun

Remember this little grey bunny that started hanging out in my apartment complex?  Well, I saw him hiding under the wheel of my car the other day.  When I walked halfway up to him, he started hopping over to me and sniffed my shoe.  Wish I could have stayed to pet him but I was late for work!

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awww....i want to pet it. :P
Just has some rabbit lasagna in an awesome Italian restaurant, Peasant, on Friday for my birthday. You have to go to that restaurant when you come to New York. That's the best Italian restaurant I have had so far in New York, and the prices are reasonable too.
Omg, Reggie, rabbit lasagna!?  For real!
it's delicious! last time i went to the restaurant, they served rabbit gnocchi. but they changed the menu, and it was just as tasty! I am going to learn how to cook rabbit. this is my next dish to learn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvLL_DvJAqw&feature=PlayList&p=34BB39C5E5EE3516&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=3
I just hope the rabbits they use for cooking are not the same as these adorable fuzzy things that we keep as pets.
I can't believe you guys are talking about eating rabbit on this adorable post! :X
it's like eating a squirrel. and if rabbit overpopulate like squirrel, it's actually not good for the environment.
....i think i just lost my lunch appetite.
be a little more adventurous Mag =)
Everything looked good--except the squirrel carcasses O_o
nice shoe!
haha thanks suzanne!