Meet: Creatures by Hand

I've been wanting to post this since I saw it linked off a coworker's FB profile.

Meet Angela Y. Lee, a creator of creatures!  That is, she's a rather imaginative person in Peoria, IL who makes huggable, lovable, customized plush toys by hand.  I was quite taken by the sunny disposition of her website, its inhabitants, and the adorable little stories bursting out of every seam.  A few things you should know about her operation:

  • She never makes duplicates, so no two creatures are alike!
  • She customizes it with your favorite colors, animals, ideas, and dreams.
  • Her day trade: graphic designer.
  • Her creatures are not cheap, but isn't buying handmade worth it!?

From her website: "I was living by myself in a dark, bug-infested, sublevel apartment with no furniture. I guess making soft little creatures comforted me while I was transitioning into this new city."  I actually asked her blessing to post about her creatures.  Her response: "Sure you can include my creatures on your blog, they would like that :)"  

How can one not smile? Order here!