The buns - they're back!

At least one of them is.   My apartment complex used to have all these domestic-looking bunnies (the kind people normally keep as pets) flopping around wild.  About a year or more ago, they disappeared and I haven't seen one until this past week.

Here's a little grey guy paying me little heed as he nibbles on some early spring greens.  He's a new one - the others were white with black splotches.
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They're alive!
oh man...i love them but don't like them at the same time. I am planning on growing some vegetables this year in the backyard, and they will be coming....and eating...and pissing me off.
wild bunnies? wow. never heard of such a thing.......they look cute and fuzzy.
they ARE cute and fuzzy.  and I don't have any vegetables for them to eat, so it's all good =)
That bun is adorable - he should be on cute overload. I found your posterous through Facebook - you popped up on my homepage feed one day. I liked the format and I liked that you can add it to Facebook, so it's my new bag. Hooray for getting our first names as subdomains.
OMG! I loved those bunnies! I always wondered what happened to them....Randy still laughs about that one time we were walking up to the apt. and a bunny ran across my foot and I SCREAMED bloody-murder...he was like "Who screams like that over a bunny???" =)
Hahaha I remember that.  I'm sure the bunnies miss you too, Annie!
SO cute, must be hard not to take them home. Oh wait, they ARE home (lucky you, lucky bunnies)