Extreme brownie-vision.

I fell in love yesterday, that is, in a totally platonic way.  After taking my cousin for a nice hike to Rancho San Antonio (photos are on my phone, but I can't figure out how to e-mail them to myself), went up to Oakland to join Tony and his friends for a fourth of July BBQ.  He had expounded on his roommate's incredible baking prowess.  I had to taste it for myself.  The bread, a rustic, crusty french loaf, was among the best I've ever had (probably as good as La Brea Bakery's thicker loaf). 

But, the brownies!  I had long decided that brownies from scratch were overrated, and Duncan Hines brownie mix was as good, if not better, than anything else.  Oh, was I wrong.  This guy must have used magical chocolate or something--it was not too sugary, but the flavor was so intense, it washed over you in layers, rising up through your sinuses and filtering all through your brain.  Extraordinary.  Anyway, I got a few to-go, but what I really want is the recipe =)

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MMM looks sooper deee licious.

I'll save one for you. They should last until Weds.

Aww...these look really yummy!

,,,'over here salivating,,

You write really well - detailed, descriptive and succint. Have you considered journalism or writing as a career?

Reading it gives me inspiration and motivation to perfect my literary skills ...

The flavor of those brownies were strong but not overwhelming - better than the no-pudge ones from TJ's and using vanilla yogurt.

Stephanie is an absolutely amazing writer. And she loves deadlines too. =)

Aw, thanks Janet (and gawwy).  I have, in fact, considered it...I thought I was going to go into journalism when I entered college.  But then I realized that journalism as a business can get very ugly, and I wanted no part in that.  Ironically, i love the ideals of journalism much too much to do it as a career.  Maybe I will pick it up again someday.

As for 'writing,' I am a decidedly mediocre fiction writer.

Agreed with Janet: your writing's good and effortless-sounding enough to make me feel small and sad inside. ^_~

So what did you end up studying in college, if not journalism? I'm still on the lookout for non-despair-causing majors...

History and literature, with a focus on 20th century america, and multiculturalism in particular.  Nice and broad and useless.

I have to admit, I sort of mull and marinate over every single blog post. Over and over. And even after I post them I think of ways to tweak them. I wish I approached my day job with that kind of obsession.