Bridal Shower Sunday

We had an afternoon of unabashed girlyness for Feng's bridal shower, and it was fantabulous.  I drove up to the city a bit early and had a quick  breakfast with Wendy (also stopped in to admire her very cute, nicely sunny apartment) at Arizmendi, the coop bakery in Inner Sunset known for its sourdough bread.

Then, headed down to Noe Valley where a group of us gathered at Terra Mia to paint a somewhat matching, very practical set of bowls for Feng.  It's been incredibly long since I last painted ceramics, and I forgot how fun it is.  Took me forever to select just the right combination of pastel-y colors and then come up with a design for the inside of the bowl.  I kept fiddling with it and thinking of more things to add to it, and someone had to finally tell me to stop it already =D  I was happy with the end result and I hope Feng is too!

Then we headed over to Lovejoy's Tea Room, which I've heard so much about but never tried before.  It was fairly bursting at the seams with estrogen--gaggles of women celebrating birthdays, brides-to-be, and other special occasions, all gathering for high tea in the afternoon. The whole set up was adorable, from the charmingly mismatched china to the comfy window seats piled high with cushions. We went with two orders of High Tea for Two (I believe the teas we selected were Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Apricot and Blood Orange), and they came with all manner of delicious tea-sized sandwiches, incredible scones (clotted cream and strawberry jam included).  We also ordered a side of crumpets w/ lemon curd, which I've never had before, and a curried chicken pasty.

We were stuffed full of all the high-tea goodness.  * happy sigh*

Another month, another roommate gone.

I have had so much trouble keeping a roommate here for longer than 3 months since Annie left.  Since she moved up to the city 9 months ago, there was the subletter, Xinyi, the restaurant manager, Jane (also moved up to the city), and fuel cell engineer Nina (returned to Germany).  It's like I'm running a halfway house for women.

Nina left this really sweet little German secretary desk for me.  It looks like a miniature upright piano.  I luuuuuurve it, but I want to do something with it (like paint it black).

Aubrey moves in next week.  She's single, sporty, and very nice/cute (guys, I'll take applications now.  HAH!).  I hope she stays longer than 3 months.


Labor of love.

My roommate is moving back to Germany in 3 days.  She leaves behind her new boyfriend, with whom she was friends for five years before they both interned here in the US, and their friendship blossomed into luuuurve

Her boyfriend won't be done with his internship for another four months.  To help him count down the days until they will see each other again, she made this amazing garland of brightly wrapped Hershey's Kisses, one kiss per day, to last until he reunites with her in Germany.

It took her something like twelve hours to make, from collecting the materials, to wrapping the kisses, to cutting out and writing a tag for each day (128 in all), to stringing them all together.  I'm a little flabbergasted at her patience, and the enormity of the gesture.  I also love that it's all in German (probably not such a novelty for them).  ". . . noch 2 Tage!"

'Google Wedding' wins cake decorating contest!

What a little ingenuity, creativity, and team work can do.  Gooooooo Healthcare! =)

Also included -- the first runner-up team, and their "hamburger" cake.

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