Labor of love.

My roommate is moving back to Germany in 3 days.  She leaves behind her new boyfriend, with whom she was friends for five years before they both interned here in the US, and their friendship blossomed into luuuurve

Her boyfriend won't be done with his internship for another four months.  To help him count down the days until they will see each other again, she made this amazing garland of brightly wrapped Hershey's Kisses, one kiss per day, to last until he reunites with her in Germany.

It took her something like twelve hours to make, from collecting the materials, to wrapping the kisses, to cutting out and writing a tag for each day (128 in all), to stringing them all together.  I'm a little flabbergasted at her patience, and the enormity of the gesture.  I also love that it's all in German (probably not such a novelty for them).  ". . . noch 2 Tage!"