Another month, another roommate gone.

I have had so much trouble keeping a roommate here for longer than 3 months since Annie left.  Since she moved up to the city 9 months ago, there was the subletter, Xinyi, the restaurant manager, Jane (also moved up to the city), and fuel cell engineer Nina (returned to Germany).  It's like I'm running a halfway house for women.

Nina left this really sweet little German secretary desk for me.  It looks like a miniature upright piano.  I luuuuuurve it, but I want to do something with it (like paint it black).

Aubrey moves in next week.  She's single, sporty, and very nice/cute (guys, I'll take applications now.  HAH!).  I hope she stays longer than 3 months.


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Maybe it's your muffins... :)

pfffffffft. my muffins are great.

The color of that desk goes well with the wall, why would you wanna paint it black?

Oh and I just remember I know an Aubrey too, hopefully it's not your new roommate...

haven't decided yet what to do with it.  I want the details to stand out, so black would work, but so would a dark red.  I might want to install some japanese stationery paper too.

I like my room plain, simple and white, like no one lives in it.

Paint it black!

I vote black