On sale: "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster

SFgirlbybay, one of the many awesome home design blogs that are filling that large Domino-sized hole in my heart, got a mention in NYTimes and is celebrating by offering all her "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters at 20% off.  These posters have become rather ubiquitous, kind of like the rabid popularity the "For Like Ever" poster from vllg.com enjoyed a couple years ago.  

I like the poster a lot, and the only reason I hesitated was because of its very ubiquity, and also because I'm a bit of an anglo-phobe (maybe a more accurate term is imperialist-phobe).  I calmed down a bit after reading the history of the original poster (developed as a propaganda slogan during WWII Britain) here.

At any rate, you can't deny the ingenious, appealing graphic design and the pop of color.  My problem is I can't decide which color to get!

You can get a poster for yourself at SFgirlbybay's etsy shop.

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This wedding venue is the bomb diggety.

I'm here in Boston this weekend for a dear childhood friend's wedding (I'm a bridesmaid).  This is hands down one of the most stunning wedding venues I've ever seen, very minimalist modern with floor to ceiling windows and grand views of the waterfront/harbor and much of downtown Boston.  So excited to see the space (and my beautiful friend) decked out tomorrow for the big day!

Meet: My blue pumpkin.

My coworker Sangeetha is taking a ceramics class with her husband.  She brought all these little pieces he made to work and a bunch of us got to take our pick.  This was one of the last ones left (I assume because it's not "useful" like some of the cups and saucers that other people took), but I love it.  It is so weird and fantastic, like something out of a Tim Burton film.  

It's got a wonderful heft, and I think it will make a nice desk denizen, paperweight, or random objet.

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Meet: Barbara Butler

If you are rolling in $ and want to spoil your kids silly, or want to make them the most popular kids on the street, why not splurge on a custom play- or tree-house from Barbara Butler, who makes a living carving handmade play structures out of sustainable redwood.

A dear friend of mine used to do marketing for the artist.  The artist got her start twenty-odd years ago building decks for the likes of Bobby McFerrin, who requested a "unique play structure" on top of all the other work she was doing to his backyard.

I like how brightly colored the pieces are - and how sturdy they look.  I have to admit I always dreamed of having a tree-house and outfitting it with modern luxuries like a rug and cozy place to curl up and play board games.  There is just something delicious about the idea of holing up in a secret hideout, isn't there?

Prices range from $12,000 - $175,000.  Yes, which is more than some "real" houses!