This wedding venue is the bomb diggety.

I'm here in Boston this weekend for a dear childhood friend's wedding (I'm a bridesmaid).  This is hands down one of the most stunning wedding venues I've ever seen, very minimalist modern with floor to ceiling windows and grand views of the waterfront/harbor and much of downtown Boston.  So excited to see the space (and my beautiful friend) decked out tomorrow for the big day!

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that is an amazing venue. wow.
I had my mom and sister scope out this venue for my wedding. Unfortunately,, our guest list couldn't make the minimum to use this particular room. They would only let us use one of their side rooms. Therefore, we had to look elsewhere.
That is an amazing view! Wow.
where is this venue? A friend is looking for a minimalist space to have her wedding and I think she'd like this!
@Lisa it's the State Room in Boston, on 60 State Street.
Superb place. As a wedding planner i am always in search of new ideas, and here is one ! This space would offer a perfect combination between a cocktail party and a wedding. it's so well chosen. Bravo.
State Room is owned by -- check out all their venues. Truely stunning--each with their own "personality". Exquisite decor and breathtaking locations; Chef David Blessing's culinary creations are second to none and the staff at Longwood are caring and accommodating.
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