Meet: My blue pumpkin.

My coworker Sangeetha is taking a ceramics class with her husband.  She brought all these little pieces he made to work and a bunch of us got to take our pick.  This was one of the last ones left (I assume because it's not "useful" like some of the cups and saucers that other people took), but I love it.  It is so weird and fantastic, like something out of a Tim Burton film.  

It's got a wonderful heft, and I think it will make a nice desk denizen, paperweight, or random objet.

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I like it...very nice
Really very nice and unpublished !!
I love it! How serendipitous that it saved itself for you. :)
haha @jenny I like the idea of the pumpkin 'saving itself' for me =)
I like how it seems to be wistfully looking out the window.
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