Halloween Costume: A Study on Frida

In case you haven't heard (difficult, considering I feel like I've been telling everyone), I am going to dress up as Frida Kahlo this Halloween.  The idea just struck exactly the right chord in me, somewhere between hilarious (unibrow), meaningful (amazing woman I admire), and disgustingly highbrow (generally recognized by the cultured/educated among us). Plus it's incredibly high-impact for relatively low effort (I decided to save Penelope for another year, when I have the time to make my own clothes).

To craft the perfect Frida look, I went trolling the internets for pictures of the iconic artist.  I was really stumped for a while on how, exactly, to achieve that braided hairdo she is so famous for.  Was it like a dutch crown ?  or was it like one long braid circled around?  and then I found this incredible old photo of Frida (yes, topless--I hope I don't get reprimanded for posting "porno") braiding her own hair.  Looks like she ties two very high pigtails, braids, then pins at the nape of her neck.

Anyway, love her style or hate it, she was unabashedly herself, always.

Laminated List of women I'd marry, if I were 'into' women.

My one-day-late contribution to Pride Weekend

Kate Winslet
: Grounded, beautiful.  Even if I couldn't marry her, I'd just want to be her friend.  If you tell me you think she's ugly I will punch your nuts.

Zooey Deschanel: Adorable, alluring.

Ashley Judd...and Salma Hayek

HAH.  Bet that got your attention.  In all seriousness though, I love Ashley's brains, and she's funnier than people give her credit for.  They should cast her in more rom-coms.  As for Salma, well, I don't think I need to explain that.

Vienna Teng: talented and oh-so-elegant...I love when she gets into 'Cecilia' at around 2:15.

Mandy Moore: not sure if I want to date her or be her.  Maybe hire her stylist.

Julie Delpy circa 1995.  Totally enchanting.

Janeane Garofalo: maybe the one most likely to marry me back =P

Penny Lane: Kate Hudson was never better.