Laminated List of women I'd marry, if I were 'into' women.

My one-day-late contribution to Pride Weekend

Kate Winslet
: Grounded, beautiful.  Even if I couldn't marry her, I'd just want to be her friend.  If you tell me you think she's ugly I will punch your nuts.

Zooey Deschanel: Adorable, alluring.

Ashley Judd...and Salma Hayek

HAH.  Bet that got your attention.  In all seriousness though, I love Ashley's brains, and she's funnier than people give her credit for.  They should cast her in more rom-coms.  As for Salma, well, I don't think I need to explain that.

Vienna Teng: talented and oh-so-elegant...I love when she gets into 'Cecilia' at around 2:15.

Mandy Moore: not sure if I want to date her or be her.  Maybe hire her stylist.

Julie Delpy circa 1995.  Totally enchanting.

Janeane Garofalo: maybe the one most likely to marry me back =P

Penny Lane: Kate Hudson was never better.

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Still laughing at the opening statement...... (ROFL)

The one about Kate Winslet, that is.

My list would start with Angelina Jolie, but sure if she's the marrying type though.

I agree with everyone on your list steph -- or just about. I'm afraid, though, if one day you make a stand at the alter with that overrated, pretentious, and very plain looking, Kate Winslet I'll have to object. Sorry, she's just not good enough.

Dude, why you gotta be so contrary.

Sorry -- I can't get over the dislike I built up for her after seeing
Titanic; partly my fault to be sure, but mostly hers.

sanny, i hear you on angelina jolie. I think she tops a lot of women's lists. like my former roommate:

we've had this discussion before about titanic. I maintain it was james
cameron's fault, and kate did her darned best to make the most out of a
really crappy script. She got an oscar nomination for that role, for crying
out loud.

I think that movie would not have been so traumatizing if:

(1) the 14 year old girls in the movie theater didn't "woo" and "ah" over
Leonardo DiCaprio so much;
(2) LDC was 20 lbs heavier and ....less pretty
(3) it was 1 hr shorter (I had to hold my pee for the last 1 1/2 of the
movie cuz it just won't end)
(4) the radio station didn't play that freaking song like 10 times every

All in all, Mark, maybe you anger is directed toward the wrong person?

LOL. Yup, sounds like it's mostly LDC's and James Cameron's faults.

And the tweenies.

good picks! I'd add Regina Spektor, too...for her voice. And maybe so I could take up her last name.

I am TOTALLY also into Kate Winslet and Julie Delphy.

Yeah aren't they byootifull?