Bookmobile Wednesday: Self-help books & Sigur Ros

I know I've been hanging around a certain someone too much when I start checking out business-related self-help books from the library.  Hopefully that is somewhat balanced out by some Vonnegut.  No wait, that's one of his favorite writers too.  Man I need to get me something girlier next time.

Enjoy the Sigur Ros and Lila Downs.


Clarifying questions about Bookmobile Wednesday

Here it is, Bookmobile Wednesday.  What I didn't realize is that some people don't actually know what Bookmobile Wednesday is.  Or, at least, what a Bookmobile is.

The Bookmobile is this fantastic service provided by my local city library .  It's a mobile library that makes stops throughout the city--that is, a giant truck filled with books, DVDs, music, etc. that comes to you, rather than you having to go to the library.  One of the Bookmobile's weekly stops is right in front of my office building, every Wednesday from 12:45pm - 1:45pm.  Besides the fact that it severely cuts down on the possibility of overdue penalties, you can also go online to search the library catalog, and if you see something you like, you can request  that it be delivered to you on the Bookmobile.  

The guy who mans the Bookmobile, Cody, is a total mensch.  I write him almost weekly with all kinds of crazy music requests, and he very gamely grabs all my requests from the library shelves and has them ready and waiting for me on the Bookmobile every week.  He also happens to have a very comprehensive taste in music, as most of the music on the Bookmobile are purchases he made.  And if they don't happen to stock the exact album you're looking for, Cody is very open to hearing suggestions for his next round of library acquisitions.  It's a great system.

When I started going to the Bookmobile, I just blindly grabbed 10-15 CDs at a time, at random, in hopes of re-educating myself in music.  And each week I try to post a couple songs I like for your listening pleasure!  So without further ado, this week's picks.

Enamoured with 'Boy in Static'

As I'm slowly working my way through the massive amounts of music I've collected in my Bookmobile exploits (I'm hitting the paltry storage limits on my cheap Acer laptop), I'm starting to discover some stuff I really, really like.  One of my recent favorites is Boy in Static, the pseudonym of 25-year-old Alexander Chen, who studied piano and cello as a kid and got his break when his demo landed in the hands of Markus and Micha Acher of The Notwist.  

I think of Boy in Static's music as an even more ethereal and atmospheric take on Explosions in the Sky, with words included. He might even be more accessible than other experimental/electronic rock groups.  I'm surprised/impressed he's so young--hopefully he's got lots more great music to make.

PS. I really like 'Tear Down,' but I think my favorite track on his latest album, Violet, is 'Immortal.'

I'm baaaack. With Bookmobile Wednesday.

It's been nuts.  No time to think except to help Garry move in and watch back to back episodes of GG.  Blair and Chuck are super hot together.  So terrible and so awesome.

Anyway, I've been utterly truant with my posting.  Here's the last two weeks' worth of things I checked out from the bookmobile.  I am on a fantasy novel kick, hence the Tanith Lee, M.M. Kaye and Francesca Lia Block.  And may I recommend the Sick Puppies.  A bit whiny yes, but both the male lead singer and the female bassist are just too beautiful, it makes my heart ache.  Enjoy!

Gossip Girl is like crack cocaine.

 L:  argh, what does a girl have to do to get online episodes of gossip girl?
they're not posting the lastest eps online anymore!
 me:  oh really?
i didn't know they ever did
garry got them somehow
 me:  we're almost caught up
 L:  nice, good job!
 me:  we watched like 4 episodes last night
 L:  that was pretty fast
 me:  yeah =P
 L:  they go down so easily
 me:  we're totally obsessed
it's like a drug addiction
all I can think about all day is when i'll get my next hit

Oldschool Monday: More Girl Power

TLC, "Baby Baby Baby," 1992 (before they really got cool)

I think I almost like this song better than any of the ones on the album they are best known for, CrazySexyCool.  It's here you see, despite the bright clothing and random teddy bears (which are horrific and yet totally awesome), the kind of confidant star power that would launch them to stratospheric heights in the late 1990s.

TLC - Baby Baby Baby (Promo Only) - TLC

Mariah Carey, "Can't Let Go," 1991

Probably my favorite MC song ever.  Makes me feel all soft and gooey inside.  Though it's hard to pick a favorite really--so many gems from the once 8-octave singer in that early era.  Such a classy video, too.

Previous Entries

TLC - Baby Baby Baby (Promo Only) - TLC

I was all ready to write a scathing review of Kings of Leon...

I was listening to Because of the Times form start to finish.  Track 1 was uninspiring.  Tracks 2, 4 and 6 I hated.  So cacophonous.  I was about to delete the whole album from my playlist on that alone, when something nagged me in the back of my mind--hadn't I heard from a number of people that these guys were supposed to be good?  I looked up some reviews online.  Yeah, one review even called them "One of the great American rock bands of recent years."  

Nonplussed, I continued listening to the rest of the album.  I have to say it started winning me over with "True Love Way," and the goodness continued through "Ragoo," "Fans," all the way to "Arizona," which I have to say is pretty great.

Anyway, I stand corrected.  I'll even forgive them their tight-ass jeans.  ("Forces the blood to my heart," as Hugh Grant quipped in Music & Lyrics).