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Brings back so many memories... Recovering the Satellites... ah, when we were all so much younger.

Whats wrong with Maroon 5

really? you are the first one who I know (ok...kind of know) that hates maroon 5. For me...I am neutral, I am sick of some of their songs, but I have always like "She will be love". I haven't been listening to Counting Crow, but apparently they are BIG!
Thanks for the tickets and for dragging me along -- man that turned out to be a pretty good time.

Maroon 5 was ALRIGHT -- they weren't awful. LOL... they're just easy to hate because they're so popular. Everyone likes them, so the epitome of hipster ethic is to hate things that everyone likes.

@garry ok 1) I am not a hipster and 2) I like Kelly Clarkson, who is really the epitome of what everyone likes.  Maroon 5 I group with Nickelback because a) their music sucks and b) the lead singer is cocky as all heck.  Plus his voice is really annoyingly nasal.

LOL sorry to insinuate you're a hipster. But we're all hipsters -- it's part of being in our generation.

It's cool to be anti-hipster these days. Being anti-hipster is like the epitome of meta-hipsterdom.

Yup that's me, always on the knife-blade edge of coolness =P

Btw I can't believe we just used the word 'epitome' like four times.

I saw pearl jam at shoreline a few years ago. I hated that place! The only counting crows song I like is "hangin around"
Glad Im not the only one that's sick of Maroon 5
nice photos, two weeks later i will take REM's photos
REM!  That's awesome.  Please post on your posterous when you are done =)

this year i'm lucky for the concerts
alanis morrisette, massive attack, bjork and now REM:)
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