Pictures from the tea party

Those little sandwiches are surprisingly labor-intensive!  But was great to see everyone in one place and I was delighted to see that some people actually dressed up as encouraged.

On the menu: home-made lemon curd and TJ's crumpets, mini peanut butter cup waffles, homemade Foster's scones, assortment of biscuits and cookies, tea sandwiches (pear & brie, cucumber & cream cheese, braunschweiger & tomato).  

Plus people brought an astounding array of delicious foods to share: strawberry cream puffs, NYC cheesecake, currant loaf, mini-samosas, blackberry cake, devonshire cream, cornbread (?), fruit, orange madeleines, and on and on and on.  Good times.

8 responses
what an adorable idea! if you're ever in the city, you should check out it's a really cute tea shop.
haha I have definitely been to lovejoys... that's where I got the idea, but it is so estrogen-filled that I thought it'd be better to have it at home.
Great pictures! Looks like a good time. Hope it all went well.
what a great way to relax and catch up with friends.
@Stephanie - hahaha. it really is. Sooooo girlie, but cute. This is a great idea and a lot cheaper! ;)
What's with the flapper outfit? Happy belated b-day too.
it's a "victorian/steampunk" outfit, not flapper =P
after these stuffs i feel hungary:)