Like a kid in a toystore

Last week Garry and I checked out Talbot's Toy Land in San Mateo.  Impressive offerings for a relatively obscure (i.e. non-Toys-R-Us) establishment.  I was pretty interested to see how different some of the toys were, like these Karito Kids line that features rather large dolls, each one hailing from a different country and wearing 'modern' outfits.  Yes, what you see in the pictures is a pair of UGG boots on the surfer-chick doll from Australia.  Yuck!

There was also this weird juxtaposition of super-traditional, anti-feminist Barbies to ultra-modern comic book hero action figures for girls.  And of course, Ugly Dolls and SET, my favorite card game!

I appreciated going back in time and seeing some of my favorite toys:
  • Original 1983 Edition My Little Ponies.  I still have Cotton Candy around somewhere.
  • Calico Critters... I had the bunny cotton-tail family I think.
  • Breyer horses.  I always wanted, not just one, but a whole bunch of these gorgeous horse models.  My friend Sara had a whole herd of horses plus the full farm and paddock set-up (I was so envious and thought she was so spoiled).
A nice trip down memory lane.  All we actually bought, though, was a kite for windy days!

PS. I realize this post is ironic in light of the previous post.