Advent Conspiracy for a more meaningful Christmas

Reblogged from a dear friend, who posted it on her Facebook.

Since the malls and the TV commercials are already gearing up for Christmas, I'd like to share this video that spoke to me.  So far I've only bought one gift (which I think was pretty useful)... my family's not really a gift-giving family, which I'm fine with, and it's been a while since my friends and I have exchanged gifts, which I'm also fine with.

I think the numbers were really what got me.  Think about it...

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Thanks Steph, great video I am going to put on my facebook.
Very cool, but doesn't it clash with your motto? Maybe we could give more, but spend the same on Christmas and just drink less beer during the whole year.
I think I have a different definition of consumerism than most.
Hehehe...that's probably why I like your blog so much! ;-)
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