A Thanksgiving menu for all posterity!

This Thursday I'm hosting a bunch of "homeless" (not literally) friends from around the area for a spectacular feast.  Quite a few people are pitching in and I am super excited about the menu, which is somewhat traditional and yet not really:

Dishes to Make:
12-lb. Turkey (Wendy)
Stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes (Grace)
Steamed fish (Vince)
Cranberry sauce (me)
Homemade garlic aoili + stuff to dip (me)
Butternut squash risotto (Candace)
Sweet potato souffle (Genevieve + Scott)
Vegetable tian (Genevieve + Scott)
Rosemary focaccia + pumpkin chutney (Bhumi)
Sweet potato fries (Bhumi)
Some kind of pie (Wendy)
Some other kind of dessert
Homemade (Lactaid) eggnog (me)
Small batch of mulled wine (Gilbert)
Some kind of tasty dish (Michael + Steve)

Things to Buy:
La Brea Bakery bread (Costco)
Drinks + ice (Trader Joe's?)
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AOILI! We just discovered the awesomeness of aoili in Barcelona. I'm going to try to make it when I get back to Seattle. It's so good on toasted bread!

One thing I learned in Barcelona is that saying "garlic aoili" is redundant since "aoili" already implies it has garlic. "aoili" has the Spanish word "ajo" in it which means garlic.

Ooh. Duly noted.  Aioli is one of the more awesome things I found I could do with my Kitchen-Aid.  Just one egg yolk, lots of oil, garlic, mustard (or powder), lemon juice, touch of salt/pepper and herbs if desired.
oh man...can't wait to see your aoili and sweet potato souffle by scott and genevieve. Also, try this bread recipe if you have time: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/12/dining/124arex.html. I am planning on baking that for my hiking trip. Baking bread could make this Thanksgiving holiday even more rewarding!
...dude I am thinking more of my homemade eggnog. I made a huge batch last year for Christmas and it was a crowning achievement.
yummm! sounds like a spectacular feast. good luck! can't wait to see the pictures. :D