100% recycled white elephant gift.

A white elephant gift exchange is probably the only situation in which re-gifting is appropriate and/or encouraged.  I'm involved in at least two of them this year; today I actually went and spent $ buying a new one because it didn't occur to me that I could find something relatively nice, if useless to me, gift lying around my apartment.

For tomorrow's exchange at work, I'm giving away a set of sushi plate + soy sauce saucer that I inherited from someone; it's actually quite cute but I don't eat sushi at home at all, so I've barely even taken it out of its original box.

In the spirit of re-gifting I recycled some old wrapping paper as well as some green tissue that I cut into rectangles and fashioned into little flower-pom-poms.  They hide the wrinkles in the paper nicely, I think, and anyway I don't feel too badly about using wrinkled paper for something that will be torn into anyway. Adds a bit to the rustic charm, methinks ;)
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Three cheers for rustic charm. Our house gets more rustic on a daily basis, but I am not sure about the charm.
Totally cute! Looks awesome.
Thanks Preethi =)
I love White Elephant gift exchange. We had one at work this past Friday and I got a wooden pan flute :) I re-gifted a copy of Margret Cho's Auto-Bio and a DVD of Angles in the Outfield. What did you get?
Haha awesome Eileen.  I ended up getting a jamba juice gift card.  Not very funy, but way more useful =)