You had me at "Here comes the pitch."

Watched WALL*E today (see Garry's post).  Two weeks late, I know.  But it was good.  wwwwaaaaaallllleeeeeeeee!

Anyway, wanted to note: I am officially a sap.  The trailer for The Perfect Game had me blubbering like an idiot and welling up with tears.  I don't know why.

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The fact that its based on a true story, is why am gonna watch it...looks like a really awesome piece!

I *completely* agree! I had to try so hard to pretend I was unmoved when my little sister asked if I wanted to see the movie.

It just has everything - desperate hopes for a new beginning, heartbreaking prejudice, community in unexpected places... And I feel like Mexico is such a fresh perspective; so close and relevant but new.