Yearly To-Do List: 2012 Edition

Check out 2011's to-do list here.

2012 To-Do List


Journal/talk to God at least once/day, even if it's just 1 sentence about how the day went.

Stop using meaningless words in everyday conversation

  • totally
  • seriously
  • random
  • like
  • super

Stop cursing

Take better care of myself

  • Grooming/pampering: weekly at-home facial/pedicure, massage 1x/month, haircut 3x/year, eyebrows threaded every 2 months, wear makeup 1x/week, ModVellum facial 4x/year
  • Medical: Find a gynecologist, floss 4-5x/week, take vitamin D pills
  • Serious workout 1x/week
  • 7+ hours sleep/night

Join an fellowship group and go to church at least 2x/month

At least 1 outdoorsy activity/month

Tackle 2-3 major organization projects until the whole house is in order

  • Computer stuff
  • Mementos
  • Paper files: medical/dental records etc.
  • Financial stuff
  • Upstairs closet
  • Downstairs closet
  • Jewelry
  • Sell/give away stuff: futon, old laptop, wedding gown, decor, appliances, other furniture
  • Hang art/place decor
  • Print photos of friends/family to display around the house

Rebuild the pieces of my digital life - since my hard drive was stolen in July. Back it up in the cloud.

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Writings
  • Finance stuff


  • Hawaii
  • Honeymoon to Europe
  • One other domestic trip
  • One other international trip
  • Three trips to LA (Magic Mountain one visit)
  • Two camping trips (Burning Man for one)
  • At least one summer weekend in Tahoe


  • Host people at home 1x/month
  • At least 1 concert, film, or other major event every 2 months
  • Read: finish the Far Pavilions, Malcolm X, Bluebeard
  • Cook: Julia Child's boeuf bourguinon, French macarons, homemade bread, cultured butter
  • Send out Christmas cards
  • One writing project: short story or script outline
  • Learn how to code and/or design


  • An iPhone and/or small point-and-shoot camera
  • A new laptop
  • One serious designer piece
  • A label-maker
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Learning how to code has always been a to-do on my list, so this year I'm doing Codecademy's Code Year. It's free, and I like it because it sends you lessons on a weekly basis, so it's not overwhelming. I don't know how much you want to learn, but at the very least, it's (or so far seems like) a good introduction.
Garry told me to use codecademy too!  Have you started it yet?  I should start soon....
Yep, I've started. Pretty good so far!
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